Saturday, Jan 17 2009 



Stupid School Tuesday, Jan 13 2009 

Today its -33 outside with wind chill and we have school. We are part of like 5 schools that dont have a 2 hour delay. Well I am going out to my bus stop now  if my bus is late and im out 10 minutes. I could die 😦 well… see ya hahah

Fred FiggleHorn thats my name for him Sunday, Jan 11 2009

Blog Snow Sunday, Jan 4 2009 

I just noticed this. If you move you cursor right the snow on my blog will move left and if you move your cursor left it goes right 😮 amazing I no

Do This Saturday, Jan 3 2009 

If you view my blog please tell people about it so I can get more views. Yea and i no some of the pictures i posted were really random. Please post a comment even if it is just “cool” or “whatever” I like comments! haha

First Blog Tuesday, Dec 30 2008 

This is my first blog and I’m Really excited to start writing things. This is really cool I hope I can get used to my blog and write daily

OOh…. and Im happy the vikings made the playoffs this year and im super excited because im going to the game against the eagles . But I don’t like how is it possible for cheap seats (nosebleed section) to be 30 bucks each. Personally I think thats rubbish. You’ll also find I like to use the word “rubbish” alot. No Im not from England either. But yea maybe I’ll post some of the game. But if you comment please constructively critisize me. I’m new to this so please don’t. Ok im going sledding now so Ill post more stuff later.