THis is Really Funny Monday, Jan 5 2009 

Scary but Fun Monday, Jan 5 2009 

Ok today On the way to the vikings game I got in a car crash it was scary and not our fault it wasn’t that bad only our trunk got dented in a bit. So even though we still got in a scary car crash we drove to the game with a big dent in the trunk. The seats were not that bad except for the fact that most of the people around us were either getting yelled at, getting ejected, picking fights, or druninly chanting “e-a-g-l-s eagles” I purposly missed the “e” or starting the “eagles suck” chant which I thought was pretty funny. But dang it was cold. And sooo loud. But 40,000 “Touchdown Towels” Waving in the air was pretty cool too. But Adrian PEterson had no big runs and the vikings lost. But for my first vikings it was scary but fun. Hence the Headline of this post…

Mistake Wednesday, Dec 31 2008 

THe gopher game is on at 5 on the NFL network my bad. THe Gopher basketball team is playing now. THey are losing by like 5 to michigan state

yea they lost

Vikings IN the playofffsss Wednesday, Dec 31 2008 

O yea the vikings are in the playoffs and I’m goin to the game on Sunday

Gopher Game Today At 11 Wednesday, Dec 31 2008 

The minnesota Gophers are in the insight bowl wooooo rose bowl next year… uh yea